Same-Day Editing + Extras

This video course will cover how I do same-day editing which I use in my client experience so my client’s are able to see their final photos 1 hour after their session! I also cover complete retouching using Portraiture and Photoshop.

If you’re not quick with editing, it will take time and practice to be able to edit an entire session in 1 hour. The reason behind same-day is to save the client a drive, provide your client with instant gratification, minimize the risk of a view & order reschedule/cancelation, and to take care of majority of your client workflow in 1 day. This also keeps yourself working in an efficient way. It forces you to make quick decisions instead of spending extra time second guessing your culling & editing. Ya know?! I’m a huge freak about saving time! The one thing you can never get back.


“Absolutely mind blowing!  My editing is so much faster and easier now! I had the hardest time with skin tones before and Traci taught exactly what I doing wrong. Who knew how big of a difference the HSL sliders can make!! And that’s just the editing portion! Her retouching is just as gorgeous! How quickly she blends skin tones is GOALS!!” - Erika

What does the course include?

  • Exact steps to culling and editing an entire session in 1 hour using *ACR

  • What the panels in ACR do and how to use them to achieve the look you want

  • Retouching using Portraiture and other easy tools in Photoshop (skin smoothing, blending tan lines)

  • Set of presets that I actually use in my every day editing (not a watered down version of them)

*Adobe Camera Raw - I do not use Lightroom

Who is this course for? This is for photographers who

  • Want to change their editing style

  • Want to speed up their editing process

  • Have some basic knowledge of Photoshop, RAW files, and Bridge

  • Want to know about the many panels in ACR (same as LR)

***this course does not cover removing stretch marks, smoothing cellulite, or body manipulation as I do not encourage this type of editing.

“Knowing what the sliders actually DO was a huge help. I use LR for editing and was easily able to transfer the ACR tips to my current workflow. I would have paid DOUBLE just for this course. Now, I'm pretty much 1 click and done. My editing process is streamlined and fast. Hell to the yes.” - Lindsay