Meet Traci

I've been in the photography industry since 2007. From learning on film in the dark room to photographing weddings every weekend to falling in love with boudoir. I worked full time under two studios, 8.5 years combined, until I was brave enough to start my own business. Indium Boudoir was established late 2015 and has grown rapidly over the years.

Education has been highly requested and I ultimately decided the benefits of online education outweighed 1:1 coaching. Know that there is no magic answer to success. It’s a daily battle, but it’s a battle worth while. Being your own boss is definitely rewarding in more than one way. I want the same for you! These courses will help you not only level up your photography, but level up your business too. Remember, art is subjective. What I think is beautiful might not be what others think is beautiful. If you dig my work, I think you’ll dig these courses!