key boudoir posing

This video course covers my key boudoir poses, how I direct my clients to look and feel comfortable, and my use of light. This course uses only natural light with 1 wall of windows (2 to be exact). These are my go-to poses. I do these with every client with a mix of other variable poses in between based on the individual client’s needs.

This course will give you the frame work for every session so you never feel lost or frozen while your client is staring at you half naked waiting for direction. We’ve all had those moments, right? Photographing boudoir is scary at first, but it doesn’t have to be!


“Wow!! Traci is so incredible at what she does. It’s amazing the things she watches out for; little adjustments that you wouldn’t think of and they make all the difference in a shot, and her use of light is priceless! I learned so much in her Posing Course and every time I watch it, I pick up on things I missed before! I cannot wait for my next session! Thank you so much, Traci!” - Erika

What does the course include?

  • My key poses I use with every client

  • What to look for in a pose

  • My simple use of natural light

  • Outfit Selection Guide so you can help your clients make the best choices

Who is this course for? This is for photographers who

  • Want to feel confident giving posing direction

  • Want to cut down session time with a solid frame work

  • Are new to boudoir

Some final photos from the course